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Plain Aluminum Strip

Plain Aluminum Strip

Smooth, clean, be free of oil, stain, scratch, wave and corrosion, ready for paint, and lamination.

Product Details:

1. Plain Aluminum Strip for closures

A shiny end, in many shapes and colors. 

Aluminium has exactly the properties that closures need.

2. Plain Aluminum Strip for heat exchangers

In our rolling mills, we produce strip and sheet for heat exchangers 

which overcome every challenge with ease - be it for heating, ventilation

or refrigeration, or to keep mobility well tempered.

3. Plain Aluminum Strip for venetian blinds

Anyone seeking shade from the sun places great emphasis on the effectiveness

and quality of the products on offer. Aluminium venetian blinds provide the best

possible shade from the sun, heat and from prying eyes.

4. Plain Aluminum Strip for tagger lids

We supply pure aluminium strip, either with a clear, protective lacquer coating or 

with a heat-seal lacquer coating, in thicknesses from 0.060 to 0.120 mm.

5. Plain Aluminum Strip for transformer

There is a common misconception that a distribution transformer with copper windings 

is in some way more efficient, more reliable, or has higher short circuit strength when 

compared to a transformer with aluminum windings.

6. Plain Aluminum Strip for Semi-rigid aluminium flexible duct

An extremely flexible reinforced aluminium foil flexible supply or extract ventilation ducting.

Multi-ply aluminium and polyester laminate construction supported by a high tensile 

steel wire helix. Fire resistant.

7. Plain Aluminum Strip for lamp cap

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