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Large Rolls Of 8011 Aluminum Foil Roll Price

Large Rolls Of 8011 Aluminum Foil Roll Price

Applications: In daily life, the application of medicinal aluminum foil is very extensive and mature. The main uses of the medicine foil are blister packaging of medicine capsules, tablets and the like, as well as bag-like packaging of powder granules and water agents.

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Large Rolls of  8011 Aluminum Foil Roll Price 

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Advantages of Container Grade Aluminum Foil:

1. Raw materials are non-toxic and of good quality.
2. Convenient heating, no harmful substances will be produced after heating.
3. Easy to form, easy to seal, and ensure food hygiene.
4. Strong barrier property, protecting the original taste of food after sealing, and extend the shelf life of food.
5. It can be efficiently recycled and reused to protect the environment and save resources.

Features of Aluminum Foil

• Smooth surface

• High manufacturing accuracy

• High strength of extension and yield

• Well packaged

• No marks, no scratch, no excessive oil


Quality of material:

1.The surface of the aluminum foil is clean, free of oil stains, wrinkles, scratches, creases, rubber stamps, twill, corrosion scars, etc.

2.The surface of the aluminum foil is smooth.

3.There are no oil spots, blistering and tearing on the surface of the foil.

4.There are no sand marks, black lines, light and dark lines and bright spots on the surface of the aluminum foil.

Aluminum foil storage:

Be aware of ventilation, moisture, dust, sun, mildew, anti-corrosion and liquid, the distance between the package and the wall is about 100mm.


When the temperature is high and the humidity is high in the low temperature area, it is not necessary to open the package or the human warehouse. It is best to store it in a dry place for a certain period of time. After the temperature of  the aluminum foil rises, the library or the package is opened.

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Large Rolls of Aluminum Foil 8011 Aluminum Foil Roll Price

Packaging & Shipping


Inner Diameter: 76mm

Roll weight: 600Kg-1500Kgs

Packages: wooden case/wooden pallet 

First, plastic cloth; Second, Pearl Wool ; Third, wooden cases with drying agent ,without fumigation. sandard seaworthy export wooden cartons.

Large Rolls of Aluminum Foil 8011 Aluminum Foil Roll Price

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