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How to detect the quality of wire drawing of embossed aluminum plate
Nov 12, 2020

1. Inspection of the logo: All the patterned aluminum plates that you see usually have the logo, and the logo has the product specification number and permit.

2. The thickness of the oxide film: This requires professional and technical personnel to inspect.

3. Inspection of the surface quality: In addition to checking whether the surface of the patterned aluminum plate is cleaned, there are other things that need to be checked. For example, you should check whether the aluminum plate has some cracks or some erosion conditions. It can be discovered only by careful observation.

4. Sealing quality acid leaching method: the formation of the sealing hole is produced after the anodizing treatment is carried out. If this kind of grouting reinforcement is not solved very well, it will cause the subsequent aluminum plate to be etched. The situation appears. Generally, the test method carried out by everyone is the acid leaching method, which is to remove the dust on the surface, drop the nitric acid on the surface, perform a gentle scrub, wash off the nitric acid with tap water, and then drop a purple syrup on the surface, and apply it neatly after one minute , See if there are significant marks on the surface, if there are, it means that the grouting reinforcement has not been solved very well.

In appearance, the embossed aluminum plate has a more delicate surface and soft gloss. The special oxidation treatment can generate an oxide film containing a certain element on the surface of the aluminum plate, which makes the surface of the aluminum plate show a different color and enhance the visual effect. The use of alumina board does not require modification, and can be directly stamped and formed to improve the overall aesthetics of the product. Compared with the ordinary aluminum plate, the alumina board makes the product more and more rich in texture. In terms of performance of embossed aluminum sheet, ordinary aluminum sheet is easy to be scratched and dirty; aluminum oxide sheet is resistant to scratches and washing due to its unique oxide film, has excellent resistance to ultraviolet rays and does not fade, does not leave fingerprints after touching, is antistatic and does not absorb dust And easy to clean. It is precisely because of the various characteristics of alumina panels that are superior to ordinary aluminum panels, they are widely used in electronic panels, home appliance panels, integrated ceilings, interior decoration, outdoor curtain walls, cabinets, handicrafts, signs, lighting, etc.