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Main features of mirror aluminum plate
Nov 11, 2020

As a new type of aluminum plate material, mirror aluminum plate is widely used in the actual interior and exterior decoration of buildings and the design of various electrical appliances. Nowadays, the mirror aluminum industry not only has fierce domestic competition, but also the advanced aluminum imported from abroad is also participating in fierce competition. In order to ensure the stable development of the mirror aluminum industry, the only way to continue active research and development is to produce high-quality aluminum plates.

Features of mirror aluminum plate:

 1.Hardness characteristics: uniform hardness, suitable for messy stamping, bending, stretching, shaping, not easy to break, oxidation, corrosion, and high temperature resistance.

 2. Surface treatment characteristics: The materials are pure, suitable for high-demand and stable anodized surface treatment, such as chemical polishing, atomization, chemical sanding, electric polishing, dyeing, sealing and other processing.

 3. Mirror surface characteristics: The mirror surface of this material is generated by mechanical polishing, and there is no electroplated coating on the surface. Before spraying and anode processing, there is no need to remove the anode or electroplating film. It can be directly sprayed, anode processing, and sandblasting can be rough. Up to 240# and above, without pre-processing, can be directly printed, stamped and processed with high reflectivity.

The color of the mirror aluminum plate:

 The root colors are: 790.36 Chinese red mirror aluminum plate, 790.32 orange mirror aluminum plate, 790.20 golden mirror aluminum plate, 790.50 green mirror aluminum plate, 790.62 blue mirror aluminum plate, 790.40 blue mirror aluminum plate, 790.42 ice blue mirror aluminum plate, 790.60 purple mirror aluminum plate, 790.18 smoke Smoked mirrored aluminum and 790.17 black mirrored aluminum.

 The metal colors are: 790.23 titanium golden mirror aluminum plate, 790.26 champagne mirror aluminum plate, 790.35 red copper mirror aluminum plate, 790.30 rose gold mirror aluminum plate, 790.70 light bronze mirror aluminum plate, 790.73 dark bronze mirror aluminum plate and 790.16 stainless steel mirror aluminum plate.