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Which industries are the mirror aluminum plates mainly used in
Nov 24, 2020

Mirror aluminum plates are mainly suitable for the following industries:

1. Illumination lighting, lampshade reflector.

2.solar reflective sheet.

3. Building appearance.

4. Interior decoration: aluminum gusset, suspended ceiling, ceiling, wall decoration, high-end curtain wall, etc.

5. Furniture, cabinets, display cabinets.

6. Elevator.

7.signs, nameplates, bags, clothing decorations.

8. Car interior and exterior decoration.

9. Interior decorations: such as photo frames.

10. Household appliances: refrigerators, microwave ovens, audio equipment panels, etc.

Compared with ordinary aluminum materials, the relatively special advantage of the mirror aluminum plate is that the mirror aluminum has a ductility that cannot be achieved by ordinary aluminum materials, so it is very suitable for interior decoration or as a material for making electronic products. The processing of aluminum plates to form mirror aluminum requires certain treatment processes and processing methods. Generally, the surface of the aluminum plate needs to be sprayed first, and then dried. The aluminum plate surface is sprayed evenly before it can be selected as the material for making mirror aluminum.