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Causes Of Bubbles In The Mirror Aluminum Plate
Dec 17, 2020

The development of mirror aluminum plate is more advanced with the continuous development of science and technology, and the use of mirror aluminum plate has also been better developed. For such technical applications, there are also better functional rules in the continuous development. , What are the bubble applications of the mirror aluminum plate when it is used? In which ways are such applications realized? What are the characteristics of such use?

In use, the bubbles generated on the surface of the mirror aluminum plate are generally the gas inside the aluminum cast rod or the air engulfed during the extrusion process, which expands during the extrusion and the subsequent heat treatment process, resulting in defects formed by the bulging of the profile surface Using the above measures can effectively reduce the appearance of bubbles in the mirror aluminum plate.

The first is to reduce the air content inside the aluminum cast rod as much as possible; it is necessary to better control the amount of lubricating oil applied to avoid excessive lubrication; at the same time, it is also possible to clean the surface of the aluminum cast rod without oil stains; this can clean the extrusion; the same The temperature of the aluminum rod can not be too high; the thickness of the pressure remaining can be increased.