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How To Choose Patterned Aluminum Plate Correctly
Nov 19, 2020

1. Look at the thickness

     The thickness and strength of high-quality patterned aluminum plates must comply with national standards. The thickness of the aluminum plate must be greater than or equal to 1.2mm, the tensile strength must be greater than or equal to 157 N/mm2, the yield strength must be greater than or equal to 108 N/mm2, and the oxide film thickness must be greater than or equal to 10 microns. Only those qualified aluminum plates meet these standards.

2. Look at processing

     Qualified patterned aluminum plates are neat, smooth, free of dirt, scratches, etc., and are very bright.

3. Look at the price

     Because the pattern aluminum plate is divided into pure aluminum plate and alloy aluminum plate, the price will be different. Under normal circumstances, the processing cost of patterned aluminum plate is several thousand yuan per ton, and the processing cost of alloy aluminum plate is even higher than that of pure aluminum plate.

 4. Look at the service

    Of course, the qualified patterned aluminum sheet comes from a regular manufacturer, so when the patterned aluminum sheet is in a situation during loading, transportation, and storage, under reasonable circumstances, the manufacturer will provide customers with replacement or return services to achieve customer satisfaction.