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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Aluminum Plate
Nov 25, 2020

The exterior paint of aluminum composite panels requires regular professional cleaning and protection.

    This kind of cleaning is not only to make the built wall maintain a clean and beautiful appearance, but to regularly remove the dirt accumulated on the surface of the paint that will damage the paint to ensure the long-term quality of the paint. The cycle of the cleaning operation mainly depends on the environmental conditions of the project location and the degree of actual pollution of the board surface. Our proposal is to clean the exterior wall at least once a year, and the interior wall should be cleaned according to the actual pollution level. .

    The cleaning of the built walls is probably carried out from top to bottom manually or with appropriate cleaning equipment. Please do not use any abrasive objects to wipe the paint surface.

    The specific cleaning process of the aluminum plate is as follows:

    1. First use a lot of clean water to wash the surface of the board;

    2. Use a soft cloth soaked in a scrubbing agent diluted with water to quietly wipe the surface of the test board;

    3. Use a lot of clean water to wash the board surface to wash away the dirt;

    4. Check the surface of the board, and focus on cleaning with detergent for local areas that have not been cleaned;

    5. Rinse the surface of the board and aluminum plate with clean water until the detergent is completely washed away.

    Note: Do not clean the hot board surface (when the temperature exceeds 40 °C), because the rapid evaporation of water is harmful to the board surface paint!

    It is particularly important to note that please choose a suitable scrubbing agent. A fundamental principle is: be sure to use a neutral scrubbing agent! Please do not use strong alkaline scrubbing agents such as potassium hydroxide, sodium hydroxide or sodium carbonate, strong acid scrubbing Agent, abrasive cleaning agent and baking paint soluble cleaning agent.