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The Difference Between Aluminum Plate And Aluminum Veneer
Nov 21, 2020

1. Different concepts

Aluminum plate is a machine sawing pure aluminum or aluminum alloy material into rectangular material with uniform thickness; aluminum veneer is processed from aluminum alloy plate through various processes.

2. Different product types

The main types of aluminum plates are: high-purity aluminum plates, alloy aluminum plates, composite aluminum plates, etc.; aluminum single plates mainly include polyester aluminum single plates, fluorocarbon aluminum single plates.

3. Different specifications

Aluminum plate: thickness between 0.2mm and 500mm, width between 200mm and 600mm, and length not greater than 16m; aluminum veneer: thickness between 1.5mm and 4.0mm, width of 1.3mm, and length of 4mm.

4. Different uses

Aluminum panels are usually used in interior decoration, household appliances, etc., as well as in the manufacture of aerospace equipment; aluminum veneers are mainly used in building curtain walls, indoor aluminum ceilings, etc.

    The above is the difference between aluminum sheet and aluminum veneer, I believe you have already understood. Aluminum sheets and aluminum veneers are different in concept, product types, specifications, and uses. Knowing the differences between the two in various aspects, you can choose and use according to your actual needs. I hope the content mentioned above can help you, please contact us if you need it.