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The Use Of Mirror Aluminum Plate
Dec 31, 2020

Mirror aluminum plate mainly plays a role of reflection and reflection, and is generally a product that produces the surface of the aluminum plate as a mirror effect. Generally used in lighting fixtures, lighting reflectors, LED lamp cups, indoor and outdoor ceiling and curtain wall decoration, building exterior wall decoration, sign mirror aluminum plate and nameplate bottom plate, mobile phone and battery shell, cans, wine bottle caps, alloy crafts, electrical appliances Shell panels, electronics and small household appliances, battery aluminum shells, solar heat collection and reflective materials, handicrafts, jewelry boxes, car decorations, etc.

The surface of the mirror aluminum plate is as smooth as a mirror, with fine lines and a reflectivity of up to 86%. It is widely used in the industries of signs, nameplates, lighting fixtures, advertising printing, decoration, and optical instruments. It has the following characteristics: stable price, cost saving, high reflectivity, energy saving, lightweight texture, easy to form, hard surface, not easy to scratch, and can be processed directly without pretreatment!