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What Are The Surface Oxidation Treatment Methods Of Aluminum Plate
Nov 17, 2020

1. Surface pretreatment

Before the surface oxidation treatment of the aluminum plate, the surface of the aluminum plate must be cleaned. The surface of the aluminum plate must not have dust, residual oil, manual handling fingerprints, burrs, scratches, etc., which is conducive to oxidation and coloring.

2. Anodizing

In the oxidation treatment of the surface of the aluminum plate, chemical oxidation and anodization can be used. The method of chemical oxidation is to place the aluminum plate in a weakly alkaline or weakly acidic solution, and the metal in the aluminum plate will react chemically to thicken the oxide film on the surface of the aluminum plate.

3. Other anodizing

Oxalic acid anodization can be oxidized by direct current, alternating current, or superimposed alternating and direct current; chromic acid anodizing: during the oxidation process, the concentration of chromic acid should be analyzed, and chromic anhydride should be added when appropriate.

The above is the method of surface oxidation treatment of aluminum plate. When performing surface oxidation treatment of aluminum plate, the method mentioned above can be used to improve the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the aluminum plate, extend the service life of the aluminum plate, and reduce the cost.